A Night to Remember!

Posted on September 27, 2012

A Night to Remember!

The following is a guest post from Gail Klingensmith, one of the owners of Pamela’s P&G Diner who won the Martin Luther King Jr. Diversity Award for large business on January 14, 2011. Congratulations again to Pamela’s Diner, thank you for the example of excellence in diversity and inclusion you set in our community!


Walking into Heinz Field was a dream come true. It had all the fairy tale effects of the perfect evening for all. The greeters were welcoming, the bartenders were serving, the guests were glowing. Even the football field was majestic in it’s preparation for the triumph over the Ravens the next day.
Our group consisting of Pam, Gail, family, staff and friends all had the same look of expectations that had been surpassed. Flowers, music, gourmet foods, fine people and a common purpose. We were all there to honor diversity with dignity and respect and that we did. Everywhere people were being welcomed, introduced, photographed and loved. What an amazing feeling and an extraordinary group. Believe me, these were not smiles of kids at proms, or wedding dancers… these folks liked what they saw and loved what they felt. Out of the twenty or so folks in our group ranging from age15 to 73, each one said it was one of the” coolest” or most perfect event in their memory.As a nominee for a large employer for Diversity, looking around at 350 people, we were still finding it hard to believe how many we people we already knew and how many more we were going to meet. The speakers were amazing and John Delano captured our hearts. This was what we had envisioned our staff and our company to exemplify from the time we started thirty years ago. And that is exactly what we saw at the event reflected in our staffs eyes. We have approximately 85 employees and never worry about quota. We live in balance. We are all drawn together the same way the Coro Pittsburghgroup has been drawn together.This was by far a highlight of two women’s lives. The moment of living our dream and succeeding in the most important way. We are blessed to have wonderful staff, management, families, and support within the communities we serve.

Thank you to Coro, to Shahriar Broumand for nominating us, to Sala Udin, to David Hickton, to Alma Speed Fox, the Kelly Stayhorn theater, and all the other nominees. It is also important for us to thank and note Candi Castleberry Singleton who has given us the words dignity and respect as a daily reminder to us all. Also thank you Kelsey for organizing this beautiful evening.

We can be sure of one thing, and that is, we will not forget this event. It was enchanting.- Gail Klingensmith 

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