Not Your Momma’s Breakfast!

Posted on September 27, 2012

Not Your Momma’s Breakfast!

Pamela’s Diner in the Strip District of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

This is the greatest non-diner that I have ever eaten at. I know the name says diner but if you are expecting the typical silver diner you will be disappointed and believe me there is nothing disappointing about Pamela’s. If you are visiting Pittsburgh and more specifically in the Strip District, Pamela’s Diner is a must stop for breakfast. You do know what they say “Breakfast is the most important meal of the Day’ and if you get that breakfast at Pamela’s it is going to be a meal that you will remember for a long time and will want to repeat again soon, I know I do.

If it happens to be the weekend this is the perfect place to start a morning of shopping but get here early, the fact that the food is fantastic is no secret and you can and probably will find yourself in a long line of other people waiting to sample the delights that this nondescript storefront hides.

What has won Pamela’s the title of “Best breakfast in Pittsburgh?” In my estimation it is her hotcakes. They are unbelievable. Somewhere between a normal pancake and a crepe they have lightness and a wonderful texture that I have never experienced anywhere else. No matter which variety you choose, the banana walnut, the blueberry, the strawberry or the banana chocolate chip it will be love at first bite. The fruit is fresh .the thin hotcakes are wrapped around it and then it is topped with whipped cream. The fruit is combined with sour and cream cheese to make a filling that is delicious and very filling. The pancakes are so light and delicate that as decadent as this all sounds it is amazingly light. The combination of flavors is just outstanding and syrup will just seem an unnecessarily addition.

As wonderful as the hotcakes are there is much more to Pamela’s menu. If you are into just a simple breakfast there are cereal choices, bread for toasting and eggs done your way.

The crispy malted waffles can be topped with any decadent combination you can come up with from the possibilities, walnuts, blueberries, strawberries, bananas or chocolate chips. If French toast is more your thing there are three varieties, one made with croissant soaked in eggs blended with cinnamon and vanilla and then topped with caramel sauce and nuts. If you are feeling a bit more health conscious you can go for the California made with whole wheat raisin bread and the same egg batter and you can chose to have any of the topping put on them. If simple is your style, then try the Texas French toast, simple and delicious.

There are plenty of simple egg choices, omelets, scrambles, fried, served with corned beef hash, bacon, ham or sausage links. But if you like your eggs a bit more complex they can add the veggies of your choice and cheese. Served with Lyonnaise potatoes this is a meal to send anyone home smiling. Coffee of course is part of the meal and they offer a very fine cup of Joe.

The diner is decorated with photos but these are not family photos, these are local people over the last 50 or 60 years and are really a history of the city of Pittsburgh as seen through the faces of her residents. The décor is vintage; you will feel as if you have gone back to your grandma’s 1950’s kitchen. Service is friendly and efficient and you are going to love your breakfast and your visit to Pamela’s Diner.


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