Pamela’s Nu Venture! A recent review!

Posted on December 6, 2013

Pamela’s Nu Venture! A recent review!

An Article from Pittsburgh Courier Online –

“I had the opportunity to sample several items off of NU’s menu. I also had the privilege of being educated on every mouthwatering bite, by Pamela and Gail.

My first course was Matzo Ball soup, a favorite dish of mine which I eat often. Referred to  by some as “Jewish penicillin “ a dumpling made from ground matzo meal, eggs, schmaltz, and seasoning, boiled and typically served in chicken soup.

As the soup approached my table, Pam informed me that there are two types of matzo balls… Sinkers and floaters… I grew up on Aunt Mary’s floaters, and Nu showcases their Sinkers…. The broth was clean, and delicate while flavorful. The matzo ball was tender and the taste of black pepper shined thru.

Next up was course number two, Chopped liver pate with Manischewitz jelly, served with Rye toast points. I actually enjoyed the unique contrasting flavors of this “Nosh” Aka, appetizer.”

Please visit this LINK for the full article! Thank you to Elise the Diva Chef for your wonderful review!

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