Pamela’s P&G Diners: Best Breakfast in Pittsburgh!

Posted on September 27, 2012

Pamela’s P&G Diners: Best Breakfast in Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh’s Pamela’s Diner claims to have the best breakfast in Pittsburgh, and it seems that all who dine here agree. From their famous crepe-style hotcakes to their savory homemade corned beef hash, Pamela’s P&G Diner is the queen of all breakfasts in the city. Even President Barack Obama himself gives Pamela’s a thumb up.

This vintage-style diner is laid back, fun and flirts with sinful. Pamela’s is the kind of place you go when you want to eat a calorie-laden breakfast that leaves you so full that you have to unbutton your pants or undo your belt– in a good way, of course. It’s hard to watch your calories at Pamela’s not because there is a lack of healthy egg white omelets, fruit bowls or whole wheat toast, but because it’s awfully hard to deny yourself the battered French toast with maple syrup and toasted pecans, stuffed banana-chocolate pancakes or strawberry-sour cream hotcakes– especially when everyone sitting around you is ranting and raving about how gosh-darn amazing all of it tastes.

Of course, Pamela’s Diner doesn’t stop at breakfast. Open seven days-a-week ’til 3 p.m., there is a hearty lunch selection on the menu, too (lunch is not served on Sundays). Pamela’s cooks up a mean Cuban sandwich– a pressed panini made with pork, ham, Swiss cheese, mustard, mayo and dill pickles on a baguette. The half-pound Dinerburger, which features extras like onion straws and grilled jalapeno slices, is also a good choice.

Sandwiches include crispy fish and chicken, grilled chicken, roasted turkey breast, chicken salad, egg salad and even a peanut butter and bacon (yep, they went there) variety. If your appetite is lighter, why not try one of Pamela’s amazing salads? The La Feria salad features fresh greens, tomatoes, onion, Swiss and parmesan cheeses, olives and walnuts with a sweet dressing that is made in-house. The Pittsburgh Grilled Chicken salad is another tasty variety that features cheddar cheese, olives and French fries.

Pamela’s P&G Diner has five other locations in Millvale, Shadyside, Squirrel Hill, Oakland and Mount Lebanon. The location mentioned in this article is in the Strip District.

Source By: HelloPittsburgh