Pittsburgh Flapjacks An Obama Memorial Day Feast

Posted on May 26, 2009

Pittsburgh Flapjacks An Obama Memorial Day Feast

Two Pittsburgh diner owners spent Memorial Day in the White House kitchen, flipping their famous flapjacks for President Barack Obama and 80 veterans.

Obama got his first taste of Pamela’s P&G Diner pancakes while campaigning last April in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, an eclectic market neighborhood. During that visit, he ate the crepe-thin pancakes at the diner owned by Gail Klingensmith and Pamela Cohen.

So when he decided to host the veterans on Memorial Day, he invited the pancake professionals to cook breakfast in the White House kitchen.

“Well, I think it’s overwhelming and unbelievable that it’s really happening. But we’re really proud,” said Cohen.

“I can’t even tell you, it has us on our knees, hysterical, delirious and scared to death. We just want to do a really good job for him,” said Klingensmith.

The pair said they spent sleepless nights fretting about the feat, but all went off smoothly, including the sour cream filling and strawberry topping they prepared for the 200 pancakes.

Source: http://www.wpxi.com/news/news/pittsburgh-flapjacks-an-obama-memorial-day-feast/nGfDR/


  1. Amazing article!

  2. I LOVE the Holiday Season. It reminds me of my moehtr. It’s hard to pick just one to be my favorite, because frankly, the entire season, from Thanksgiving to New Years is steeped in traditions that root me to my past and reach out to my children’s children. Perhaps my favorite was/is that my moehtr gave me an angel every year for Christmas on the day we decorated the tree. I have continued that with my children. But food traditions are also important. My moehtr’s cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas, lighting food on fire, or having a new, exciting themed meal for Christmas dinner all come to mind. I’m so excited for the holidays, I’m almost ready to redirect pandora to Christmas music!

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